Mother’s Day Family Activities

If you’re a mom, Mother’s Day is one of the best days of the year. Your whole family makes a real effort to pamper you, love you, and ensure that you have as much fun as possible. It’s really great to spend quality time with them and feel loved.

There’s nothing wrong with a basic Mother’s Day, where mom gets breakfast in bed, some Mother’s Day flowers, and has a nice lunch cooked for her by the kids (maybe with some supervision from dad) but if you want this year’s celebrations to be truly memorable, it could be worth incorporating some fun Mother’s Day activities into the mix.

Whether you’re a mom looking for fun ways to improve your special day or a child looking for ways to make this Mother’s Day the best one yet, here are a few Mother’s Day family activities you might want to consider:

Build your own bouquet

Getting a Mother’s Day bouquet is pretty standard, and there is nothing wrong with that – moms love flowers – but if you want to have a bit more fun with your flower-based offerings this year, why not have your florist sell you lots of flowers unarranged. Then, you can challenge the family to build their own bouquets with a prize for the winner. Your mom will love getting flowers that have been personally arranged for her and you’ll all have fun trying to be the best with your Mother’s Day arrangements. Your local florist, Lamps Flower Shop has beautiful flowers and arrangements to choose from. Have your flowers delivered straight to your front door with our flower delivery options in Rock Island, IL.

Have a scavenger hunt

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Mother’s Day activities, but it really can be a lot of fun. Pick mom up and take her on a fun-packed scavenger hunt that sees you all visiting places that hold fun and meaningful memories for you all. You could visit local parks, cafes, beauty spots or even the place where she got married. The more meaningful you make your clues and the locations you visit, the more your mom will love it. Just give it a try!

Take her shopping

If you’re not great at Mother’s Day gifts, you could make shopping for gifts the actual gift. Your mom will love the fact that instead of just dripping off a gift for her to open, you are going to spend the whole day with her hitting the shops and picking out the perfect present to mark the occasion. Finish the trip with a meal in a nice restaurant or diner she loves and buy her a pretty bouquet of flowers and she’ll be blown away.

Do some crafting

Arts and crafts might not be the traditional Mother’s Day activity, but there’s no denying it can be a lot of fun. Whether you pick up some flowers from the local florist and dry them to make a long-lasting bouquet, you have your mom teach you how to knit or you spend time collecting materials from the garden to create a collage, you’ll be spending quality time together creating something new as a family.

Play sports

If your mom is more of the active type than the stay in bed and be pampered type, having a family sports day could be fun. Get out in the yard, or visit a local park, and take a bat and ball for a family throw around, or if that’s not her kind of thing, have her teach you a few yoga poses or show you her favorite hiking spot – she’ll love that and you’ll all be making memories.

Take a flower arranging class

Since Mother’s Day and flowers go hand in hand it could be great fun to hit up a local flower arranging class as a family. It’s a great skill to learn, and you’ll get to take home a beautiful bouquet at the end of the day. Don’t have any classes locally? Buy your own and watch an online tutorial together.

Bring her breakfast in bed

Before the big day, hit the farmer’s market and buy the freshest produce you can find, taking care to buy a few of her favorites, then put your culinary skills to the test before brewing a pot of fresh coffee. Place it all on a pretty tray with a vase and flower, add a meaningful Mother’s Day card and then present it to her with a smile. It’ll feel so indulgent.

Try some fun Mother’s Day activities and make this year’s even the best one yet!


Birthday Gift Ideas for Parents

Are you struggling to find the perfect birthday gift for your parents? Moms and dads can be quite tricky to buy for, particularly if you’re not sure of their unique likes and interests. As a florist, I completely understand this. However, I’m delighted to say that there are lots of fantastic possibilities that you can consider when buying birthday gifts for parents. Here are a few of the best options that you should consider that could be perfect for your parent’s birthday.

Birthday Flowers

Happy birthday flowers are a wonderful gift idea for a parent, whether you’re shopping for your mom or your dad. Birthday bouquets can be bright and beautiful, providing them a wonderful, sentimental gift that they are sure to love. Any florist will tell you that receiving flowers can brighten anyone’s day.

So, what are the best birthday flowers for parents? You might want to start by considering their personal preferences. Perhaps you know that your mom loves lilies. Alternatively, if you’re not sure then you could opt for a birthday bouquet of roses. These are wonderful happy birthday flowers as they are typically connected to love and adoration. You could also opt for a colorful mixture of lots of different flowers, guaranteed to dazzle their senses.

Personalized Mug

You could think about designing them a mug for their birthday. There are lots of websites online that allow you to do this. You can add the words that you want such as ‘best mom’ or ‘world’s greatest dad’ but that’s not all. You can also get the mug imprinted with a personal message or even photographs, or them with you at key points in your life. These mugs are budget-friendly and can be created in a short period. As such, this could be a great gift to plan at the last minute if you are running out of time.

Gift Baskets

You might also want to think about getting your parents a gift basket for their birthday. The right gift basket is a great way to show how much you care about your parents and how well you know them. The gift basket is sure to look beautiful with a wonderful aesthetic guaranteed to impress. You can fill it with lots of different things depending on their tastes. For instance, a gift basket could include self-pampering options, a lovely bottle of wine or whiskey, and perhaps a plush toy. You can either purchase a pre-made gift basket or you can think about creating one yourself. Both ideas could be a hit when they open their gift basket on the big day.

Slippers and A Robe

Perhaps your parent’s birthday is in the middle of the winter season. If that’s the case, then you might want to think about purchasing a pair of slippers and a lovely robe for their birthday. You can personalize this gift by ensuring that it is stitched with their name or initials. You can also find a robe that matches their favorite color. It’s important to make sure that you do get a high-quality item. Some of these will shrink or come apart in the wash. So, do make sure that you shop around the market for the right choice. You also need to make sure that you get the correct sizes to avoid disappointment.

Subscription Solutions

Finally, you could think about arranging a subscription as a gift for their birthday of something that they enjoy. If your parents love wine and beer, you can think about arranging an alcohol subscription. This ensures that your parents get a new bottle delivered to their home each month of the year. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year round. If alcohol isn’t of any interest to your parents, then there are other options. For instance, you can arrange a shaver subscription for your dear dad. Or, you might want to think about ensuring that they get a weekly subscription for their favorite magazine.

Annual subscriptions like this are more budget-friendly than most people realize. They could be the perfect option if you are low on funds before your parent’s birthday but you still want to get them a gift that they are sure to enjoy.

We hope you love these ideas and realize now that it can be easier than you think to buy a wonderful gift for your parents on their birthday. Remember, if you are stuck on ideas, birthday flowers will always be a fantastic choice and are sure to brighten their mood.

Your local florist, Lamps Flower Shop has beautiful flower arrangements and designs to choose from. Have your flowers delivered straight to your front door with our flower delivery options in Rock Island, IL.

How to Design A Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Mother’s Day is on the way, so there’s no better time than now to start planning what you are going to do for your mom. One of the most thoughtful and creative things you can do is design a Mother’s Day gift basket for them — you can do this yourself from scratch, or you can buy a pre-made basket depending on your budget and how much time you have.

If you would like to get an idea of how to put together your own basket, read on for a step by step process!

Step 1: Come Up With A Theme

Start by coming up with a theme based on what you think your mom will like and appreciate. If she has many interests and likes, you may not need a theme. However, a theme can make the basket look more cohesive and attractive when complete. Here are some ideas to start you off:

  • Coffee lover
  • Tea enthusiast
  • Chocoholic
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Movie themed
  • Entertainment
  • Book lover
  • Spa day basket
  • Craft supplies
  • Self-care basket

    Step 2: Plan Ahead

  • You need to plan ahead — don’t give yourself a few days to create the perfect basket! Come up with your ideal budget for the basket as a whole, and then start looking for items you can include. Keep an eye out for items on sale that could go perfectly in your basket, and make sure you consider how the gifts will look when placed together. Look at the size, shape, and color of the gifts to decide what will look best. It’s a good idea to have a mix of sizes and shapes for interest, but you should have your container for reference, first. You could use an old vintage basket, a woven basket, or something else.

    Step 3: Build Up Your Base To Show Off Your Gifts

    Before you start placing your gifts inside of the basket, you’ll need to make sure it’s going to look right. You can use things like bubble wrap, tissue paper, crumbled newspaper and basket filler to ensure you can arrange your products effectively. Place taller items in the back of the basket to add height and interest and keep things looking aesthetically pleasing.

    Step 4: Decide If You’re Going To Wrap Your Basket

    Not all gift baskets need to be wrapped. However, if you want it to look like a really special gift, you can use cellophane and attach a nice bow. You can also use materials like twine, wooden buttons, and tulle to finish off your beautiful basket and ensure it has that ‘wow’ factor!

    Pre-Arranged Gift Basket Ideas

    It’s not always easy to fill a whole container with the perfect Mother’s Day Gifts, so you may want to go for a pre-arranged gift basket instead. You’ll save yourself plenty of hassle, and you won’t need to worry whether you’re arranging and wrapping skills are up to par! You can find many amazing pre-arranged gift baskets out there, including gourmet chocolates, stuffed animals, and many more cute gifts to show your mom you love and appreciate her.

    Flower Arrangements that pair perfectly with a Gift Basket

    What’s the perfect gift to give alongside a gift basket? Mother’s Day Flowers, of course! Flowers can make a luxurious and beautiful gift. They are thoughtful, and make us happy just by looking at them. Mother’s day and flowers go hand in hand, so start thinking about the sort of arrangements you might purchase now. A rainbow bouquet of lilies or roses are a little out there. While not necessarily the traditional choice, they could be perfect if your mother loves color and will pair well with a gift basket of quirky items!

    Roses are a safe bet for a classic or minimalist basket. They aren’t just for Valentine’s day now — many people choose to purchase a bouquet of premium pink or white roses for Mother’s Day. Carnations are another very popular choice. They are the traditional Mother’s Day bouquet flower, especially in shades of pink and white. That being said, yellow can also add a lot of sunshine and fun to your Mother’s Day gifts. Carnations will pair well with just about any basket you put together for your beloved Mother! If you are looking for a local florist with fresh flowers and gift baskets, check out Lamps Flower Shop who serves our local Rock Island, IL community.

    Birthday Celebrations in the Spring

    Even though spring is still a few months away, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the best ideas for birthday gifts and celebrations. After all, it’s always better to be prepared so you don’t need to make a mad dash to the store the night before your loved one’s birthday.

    Springtime birthdays can be some of the most exciting. It’s the first season after a cold and gray winter, so you can finally get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Likewise, the world around seems to be waking up from its slumber, too, with spring flowers starting to bloom and the wildlife easing out of hibernation. All of this points to a new start, which is why you should consider the possible birthday celebrations to make it as special as possible.

    Gifts for a spring birthday

    Picking birthday presents can be tricky any time of the year, so if you’re unsure about which gifts for a spring birthday are right, consider these ideas.

  • Flowers — You can never go wrong with birthday flowers no matter how old you are. Whether you select a bouquet of daffodils or a different spring floral design, you’re sure to make their birthday one that they will remember. These birthday flowers let them know just how special they are, and they can add calmness to their home once they find a suitable place for them. In our opinion, the windowsill overlooking the backyard is always a winner.
  • Their favorite book — It’s safe to assume that the birthday boy or girl already has a copy of their favorite book. Why wouldn’t they? Still, this copy might be old, worn, dog-eared, and has seen far better days. You might be surprised to find out that there are many editions of classic books (and even book collections) that come with stunning hardback covers. These are perfect for spending a day in the garden, by the lake, or indeed anywhere they can enjoy the springtime air.
  • A sweet tooth — If your favorite person has a love for all things sweet and chocolatey, feel free to indulge their sweet tooth with a hamper of their favorite snacks. As Easter isn’t far away, it shouldn’t be challenging to find a selection of their favorite candy, but make sure they don’t eat too much in one go.
  • A big day out — So, you’ve spent all winter cozied up indoors, wrapped in your thickest blanket and a steaming hot chocolate by the fire. There’s nothing wrong with this, but now spring has come, it’s time to get out and embrace the wonders of the world around. If you’re planning a birthday for someone who loves the great outdoors, treat them to a big day out. Consider options such as a camping trip, a day at the park, or even a hot air balloon ride to see the world from a different perspective that is a once in a lifetime experience.

    Home Decor for your Spring Birthday Celebration

    It’s not always enough to find the perfect birthday gifts for a spring celebration. If you want to make this birthday one that they will never forget, you must think about choosing the right spring birthday decor.

    Where should you start with this? Well, it all depends on where the party is taking place. If you’re indoors, look for spring flowers that you can arrange around the house for the perfect decoration piece. You can match these flowers with bright colors and other arrangements that bring the outside inside.

    If you are looking for a local florist with fresh flowers, reach out to Lamps Flower Shop who serves our local Rock Island, IL community.

    What about celebrating outdoors? With the weather clearing up, it would be rude not to make the most of this. If you’re celebrating someone’s birthday in a backyard, you’re already surrounded by everything needed for a spring celebration.

    If you want to take this a step further, get ahead of the game by planting spring flowers ready to bloom for the big day. Besides this, spring flower arrangements on the tables will always look elegant. When you combine this with a barbecue, lots of music, and all the friends and family you can find, you have the makings of a superb spring birthday that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

    Spring celebrations

    After the drab chill of the winter months, springtime helps everybody get excited for the rest of the year. The colors burst and bloom, the sounds of nature fill the air, and the air feels fresher. If you want to make the most of these celebrations by finding the best spring flowers for birthdays and beyond, get in touch for advice about which flowers will make your loved one’s birthday as memorable as possible.

  • How to Design Your Easter Flower Arrangements

    Easter is a wonderful time of year celebrated by many to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, three days after his crucifixion by the Romans at Cavalry c. To celebrate this, people often choose to send gifts to one and other, from flower arrangements to chocolate and other Easter-related gifts. Even those that don’t practice Christianity celebrate Easter, as the word is derived from an old German word meaning ‘east’, which comes from an even older Latin word that translates to dawn. Easter is always celebrated in the springtime, which makes Easter flowers very unique and fresh.

    If you’re looking for ideas for Easter this year, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking for the best spring flowers to make an Easter bouquet, or you’re stuck for ideas for Easter gifts, we’ve got some fantastic tips on how to design your Easter flower arrangements.

    Lily and Tulip Display

    Lilies and tulips often pair well together because of the contrast in colors. Traditionally, the white lily is used at Easter time, and this creates the perfect canvas for beautiful bright tulips. Any color of tulips will work beautifully, but we recommend using springtime colors such as peach, yellow and pink for your Easter bouquet. Pair this arrangement with a clear or white rustic vase, and you’ll have an Easter flower arrangement to admire for days. If you’re gifting a lily and tulip display to a loved one, consider using tulips that are their favorite color for a personalized touch.

    Yellow and White Daffodils

    Daffodils signify the springtime, and are perfect for Easter as they usually bloom between March and April. There are many variations of daffodils, but we recommend using a hefty amount of yellow and white daffodils arranged in a large white vase for a beautiful pop of color to your kitchen window this spring. If this is a gift for a loved one, prearrange the daffodils to alternate color before you wrap the bouquet so the recipient can simply unwrap, pop into a vase and enjoy.

    Daisy and Carrot Design

    Whilst carrots aren’t a flower, they are a traditional Easter staple and can be used to make any Easter floral arrangement that little bit more special. Use some florist’s foam to hang the carrots in a clear bouquet vase, and arrange dazzling white daisies on top to create a stunning floral arrangement for your Easter flowers. Why not tie a ribbon around the neck of the vase following the color scheme for added pa-zazz? For gifting this arrangement, be sure to buy a flower bag big enough to fit the vase in!

    Baby’s Breath Basket

    Baby’s breath is another very traditional flower used at Easter, and is wonderful for floral arrangements around this time. A very delicate and pure flower roughly arranged amongst some speckled eggs in an open basket makes for a very simple yet effective Easter flower arrangement. It’s also an amazing way of getting some fresh greenery into your home, making the air clearer and the view absolutely beautiful. Baby’s breath is extremely thin stemmed, so you’ll need a generous handful if you’re gifting it to a loved one in a bouquet or bud vase this year. Handy tip, rather than wrapping your bouquet, tie a decorative ribbon around the stems as a great alternative to give your Easter floral arrangements.

    Pastel Roses and Tulips

    While roses aren’t necessarily a traditional Easter flower, they do make wonderful flowers to pair with tulips for Easter flowers, whether you’re gifting them or keeping to yourself. This is because the soft, pastel coloring of roses pairs beautifully with the soft pinks and yellows that tulips can produce. Because both have very rounded petals and are a similar shape when closed at night time, roses and tulips pair extremely well and create a wonderful scent that will fill your rooms with a fresh but floral scent. Why not fill the vase with pastel jelly beans (as well as water, of course) for a pastel color explosion? Roses look wonderful in a cylinder vase which shows off the beautiful flower from stem to petal.

    There we have it, how to decorate an Easter flower bouquet. As you can see, there are some wonderful ideas when it comes to your Easter flower arrangements, and these are to just name a few! The great thing is, you can’t really get flower arrangements wrong! Think about color pairings when choosing Easter flowers and which vases would complement your choice nicely. Don’t forget to add Easter-themed decorations for a truly unique flower arrangement.

    If you are searching for an expert to create an Easter floral layout for you and your loved ones, give your local flower shop, Lamps Flower Shop, a call to begin the creative process! Our flower shop caters to our local Rock Island, IL community.

    How to Celebrate Your First Valentine’s Day Together

    How to Celebrate Your First Valentine’s Day Together

    Your very first Valentine’s Day together is always going to be a special occasion. Whether you’ve known each other for a few weeks or a few months, it can be a very special occasion for you both to enjoy and celebrate. No matter what you decide to do, you may be thinking ahead about the occasion so that you can make it memorable. But one question could be on your mind – what do you choose for your first Valentine’s Day gifts?

    It can be a tough one. Especially if you are not yet official or you haven’t given yourselves a label yet. But you still want to make sure that you have a great day together and are able to choose the best possible gift for your significant other. This is where Valentine’s Day flowers can be a great choice!

    Your Very First Valentine’s Day

    Spending your first Valentine’s Day together is exciting. But because it’s your first, it’s likely that you want it to be memorable. So how exactly are you going to be able to do that? Maybe you’re wondering what should I buy for our first Valentine’s Day together? Or what you can do to spend it together? We’re going to identify that for you in this post to help you create the most special day ever.

    How to Approach Gifting

    Now, this might be the question that you’re most interested in. You may find that you are just not sure what to do about gifting or what sort of Valentine’s Day gifts you should be getting. There can be a lot of pressure to get it right. But really, you just need to find something that you think is perfect for them. Again, this is where Valentine’s Day bouquets can work perfectly. They’re very neutral, classic, and always leave the giftee smiling!

    What Should I Buy for Our First Valentine’s Day Together?

    If you’re really unsure, then it could be a good idea to make sure that you’re sticking to Valentine’s Day flowers so that you send the right message. You may not want to get something that is too personal or specific – but at the same time you’ll want to show your feelings. If this is something that you feel will work for you, getting a Valentine’s Day flower delivery booked in early is a good idea. After all, it’s your first Valentine’s Day together – so you want it to be special.

    How to Celebrate Your First Valentine’s Day Together

    Not sure how to spend the day? Despite everything that is going on in the world right now, you definitely deserve to have a great day together. So be sure to make some relevant plans. Think about how you can spend the day together and enjoy some quality time. Or, if you can, plan a fun first date.

    Fun First Valentine’s Date Ideas

    If you are wondering how to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together, planning a fun date could be perfect. For you, dinner and a movie together could be great. Or maybe you want to do a game of mini-golf followed by ice cream? Just make sure that you are planning something that you know you’ll both really enjoy.

    Best Gifts for Your First Valentine’s Day

    At the same time, you’re going to want to consider Valentine’s Day gifts that could work out well no matter what your plans are. If you are away together, you need something that can work. And if you’re spending time together at home, you will want something that can fit into your day here too. This is where the idea of Valentine’s Day bouquets and roses, in particular, can come in. You can gift them no matter what your plans together may be.

    Making Memories to Last A Lifetime

    No matter what your options are together this Valentine’s Day, just make sure that you’re thinking about the things that you can do together and the memories that you can make. On your first Valentine’s Day together, you’ll definitely want to ensure that it’s memorable. And the gift that you choose here can be such a big part of that.

    Is it your first Valentine’s day together with someone special? How do you plan on celebrating or spending it together? If you’re looking for the best Valentine’s Day bouquets and Valentine’s Day delivery, place your order as soon as possible to have your gifts secured and booked in place.

    Let your local florist, Lamps Flower Shop, take care of your Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts! Our team will deliver your order in a prompt manner so you just have to enjoy your day! Delivery options are available to our local Rock Island, IL community.

    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

    What are the top Valentine’s Day gifts for her? Buying presents for your wife or girlfriend can sometimes be a challenge. You know them very well, and you know they have refined tastes! It’s also inevitable that they will get you something truly amazing as your gift, so the pressure is on.

    If you’re looking for romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for women, you’ve come to the right place. Think of this post as your guardian angel, showing you all the best gift ideas for her. You’ll find plenty of options down below, so sort through them to figure out which one will appeal most to your loved one.

    Valentine’s Day flowers

    Women love receiving flowers at any point in the year, but it’s almost essential to get them on Valentine’s Day. This is the number one most romantic Valentine’s Day gift for women, without a shadow of a doubt. If you send them a big bouquet of gorgeous roses, they’ll probably break down into happy tears. Or, you can order the Valentine’s Day bouquet and hand-deliver it to them – the choice is yours! Either way, this is such a beautiful idea as the bouquets are packaged so nicely and it’s a wonderful way of showing your appreciation for her. At Lamps Flower Shop, we serve our local Rock Island, IL community with all your flower and gift-giving needs!

    A huge Valentine stuffed animal

    Alongside the flowers, you could also buy a stuffed animal. Usually, you can find some really big Valentine stuffed animals that are almost the size of your partner! This may sound ridiculous, but they love it. Why? Because it’s an extra snuggle partner for when you’re not with them. Plus, girls seem to love stuffed animals – especially bears! If you can’t get a giant one, then even a small stuffed animal will go down as a treat. Try to find one that aligns with her favorite animal. For example, if she absolutely adores dogs, get her a small stuffed dog.

    A box of chocolates

    Realistically, all three of the first ideas on this list can come together to form the ultimate Valentine’s Day package. No girl will turn down a box of chocolates, especially when they’re in a heart-shaped box with lovely Valentine’s packaging. When you bring them these chocolates – along with a stuffed animal and Valentine’s Day bouquet – it will melt their heart. You’ve definitely hit the jackpot and found the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for women! Be sure you actually buy them chocolates they enjoy, that’s the only caveat. If they constantly talk about how much they hate dark chocolate, don’t get them a box full of the stuff.

    Makeup products

    The great thing about buying gifts for women is that they have a lot of different interests. Almost every woman will wear some form of makeup, mostly every day. So, this opens the door to bag some brownie points by getting them a few new products. The secret is sneakily looking through their makeup collection and finding products that are almost empty. From here, you can order replacements, earning whoops of joy on February 14th. If you want to be brave, you can ask their friends or siblings if they recommend any makeup products to order. Either way, some new makeup is sure to go down as a treat – even makeup brushes will be received highly!

    Skincare sets

    Girls love taking care of their skin, and it seems like skincare has really soared in popularity lately. So, buying your girlfriend or wife a skincare set is always a winning strategy. This is definitely one of the top Valentine’s Day gifts for her, especially if you’ve both agreed to a budget. There are lots of affordable skincare brands out there with lovely sets. Again, do some research to see what products they’re buying, or listen to their skin complaints. Do they always talk on about dry skin? Are they getting paranoid about wrinkles? In these cases, get skincare sets targeted at these problem areas.

    One thing you probably shouldn’t do is buy anti-aging skincare set unprovoked. If your wife/girlfriend has never complained about wrinkles or looking older, they’ll be pretty insulted if you buy them this set!

    Spa vouchers

    Finally, you can buy your loved one some vouchers for a luxury spa. This can be such a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for women as you can both enjoy a weekend away at a stunning spa. You experience some relaxing treatments, possibly even a meal, and an overnight stay in a hotel. If you don’t have the budget for this, you can always get vouchers for either a spa day (with no overnight stay) or a couple of treatments.

    On that note, you’ve seen the top Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Read through them all once more, do some extra research, then select the options that will please your loved one the most.

    How to Design Your Winter Bridal Bouquet

    Flowers provide a lot of fun and beauty to any wedding, and if you’re looking for the perfect wedding flowers for your winter celebration, we have you covered. Let’s start off with some trends:

  • Chic, glam flowers – Last year there were a lot of rustic flower arrangements at weddings. However, this year we are already seeing a return to chic, glamorous, and elevated fresh flowers. Brides are stepping away from the mason jars and going for something more elegant.
  • Mixed varieties – This year a lot of brides are opting for winter bouquets that contain unusual flower pairings to intrigue and create more personality. Tropics have started to make a comeback, and thus we can expect to see fresh aspidistra and palm leaves combined with other flowers that are non-tropical, such as fresh red roses and hydrangeas.
  • Sorbet – Sorbet palettes, filled with tantalizing pastel shades, are set to be popular throughout the remainder of the year, especially during the warm months ahead. From coral, to rich blue, to lemon, this is a fun and vibrant approach.
  • Unusual containers – Brides aren’t just concerned about the fresh flowers themselves; they are also interested in finding unique and striking containers that are granted to catch the eye. You will see more and more centerpieces in unusual designs, such as flowers in a geometric shape container to create a bold display.
  • Berry and blush are back – These two colors are back for fresh flowers for weddings in 2020, and we’re certainly pleased about it. Is there any color that is more romantic than blush? It looks stunning when paired with moodier and deeper colors, such as berry tones and earthy-merlot browns.
  • How to Choose Your Wedding Bouquet?

    There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect bridal bouquets for your special day. Because of this, it is imperative to have a logical approach to narrowing your selection. The first step is to select your dress before you go to choose your flowers. The dress that you wear is going to have a massive impact on the bouquet you choose. You want the dress and the flowers to go together perfectly. You do not want them to be competing with one and other.

    Not only do you need to think about the dress, but also the size of your bouquet. Do not go for a bouquet of flowers that are going to be bigger than your waist. Instead, make sure that everything is in proportion so it looks good together.

    In addition to the bride’s bouquet, it’s important to coordinate the bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres. These arrangements are often overlooked, but can tie the wedding’s floral designs together to create a seamless look.

    Some people even add special lockets and pieces of jewelry to their bouquet. The sky is the limit. The best thing to do is have a consultation with an experienced florist who will be able to provide you with their ideas and suggestions to make your vision a reality.

    Don’t Add More Stress to Your Big Day

    The last thing you want is to have stress on the morning of your wedding day. However, this can easily happen if you do not choose a florist with care. There are a lot of florists out there today, but not all florists have experience with weddings. Therefore, you want to pick someone who has a good reputation and is known for their winter wedding flowers.

    Luckily, the Internet has made it easier than ever before to determine whether or not this is the case, as you can take a look at photos and check out portfolios too. By doing this, you will be able to get a feel for the florist in question and whether or not their flowers are right for you. After all, all florists have different styles, just like all photographers have different styles, and so it is imperative to choose someone that is going to be the perfect match for you.

    If you are looking for a local florist to bring beautiful floral designs to your wedding, check out Lamps Flower Shop who serves our local Rock Island, NY community.

    There you have it: the complete guide to choosing the perfect winter bouquet. We hope that these ideas and suggestions will help you to select the floral bouquet of your dreams. It is a big decision after all, but a fun one as well.

    The Top Anniversary Gifts for your Husband

    No one can know what the best gift for your husband is as well as you do. However, after many years together – and many anniversaries spent trying to wow your other half – you might now be a little short on ideas.

    That’s normal! However, there are still many ideas you have not tried yet. You only need a little inspiration to get those ideas to come to mind! Find a list of inspirations for this year’s romantic gifts for him below – and make this anniversary even more memorable than any other!

    A Couple’s Experience

    When you think about personalized gifts for your anniversary, the first thing that comes to mind is experiences! Everybody – including your husband – has something they have always wanted to do, but they could not spend time and money on – which gives you the perfect idea for a gift! Whether this experience is skydiving a cooking class or a couple’s dance lessons, you can get your husband booked in for the next slot available.

    For this, you won’t need to spend time hopping from one shop to another, and you can be sure to add that wow factor. The best part is that you can change the experience and keep re-using this gift for many years to come – always with the same effect!


    Anniversary flowers have always been the ideal present for your other half. They can be given on their own or accompanying another present – but they are ideal for conveying that message that can be hard to express with words.

    An anniversary bouquet is a beautiful way to remind your husband of the love you have for him, as well as the loyalty, devotion, commitment, and affection you have always wanted to express.

    When gifting anniversary flowers, seasonality, and personal preferences might play an important role in the choice. Speaking to an expert florist can help you decide on the best varieties – and you can get your anniversary bouquet delivered right on your doorstep!

    Gift Baskets

    Unsure about what gift your husband would like this year? Get him everything he would like! Gift baskets are an easy way to make a person happy, especially if you fill them with all of their favorite foods, ingredients, delicacies, and candies.

    Just make sure you add a bottle of wine to share when he decides to open his gift basket! Just like in the case of anniversary flowers, you won’t need to spend time shopping and searching for the right present. You can compose the gift basket online and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

    A Chess Set

    Anniversary gifts are made to be enjoyed together! Opting for a board game or high-quality chess set is the best way to have something to do in your free evenings together – especially as winter approaches! Chess sets are not particularly expensive and can be entirely customizable – something that gives you all the advantages you need for a perfect gift.

    Personalized Desk

    Desk – personalized with your husband’s initials will get him to be the coolest one in the office! While you might not want to talk about work on your anniversary, you can get him this present for him to enjoy afterward and remember about a nice evening spent with you while at work.

    A Wallet

    Does your husband always look for a wallet, and they never seem to work just right? This is the perfect occasion to find exactly the one for him. Make sure it has plenty of space for cards, cash, and ID cards, but don’t overlook security. Another important aspect, it will be stored in your husband’s pants pocket – so make sure it is thin enough not to feel bulky.

    A Watch

    For a stylish, more exclusive present, opt for a watch. Today, you can find techy models that will assist your other half when enjoying time running or working out. Or, if he is a bit of a workaholic, a smartwatch can help him streamline all his tasks. Alternatively, if he is all about style, a classic, elegant watch will do the trick!

    A Throw Blanket

    The winter season is getting closer, and there has never been a better time to enjoy time together under a blanket, watching your favorite TV series. Make it easier for him and invest in the throw blanket of his dreams.

    A Backpack

    If your husband loves adventures, he will love a well-designed backpack. Even if he has been putting up with an old duffel for years, it might be time to upgrade to a stylish, spacious backpack that can be with him when riding to the office as well as when he decided to take a 2-day, off-grid camping trip.

    Our team of florists and gift specialists at Lamps Flower Shop serves our local Rock Island, IL community to assist you and your loved ones in finding the perfect gifts! Whether you decide on our beautiful flower arrangements or bouquets or a quick gift from our shop, we are sure that you and your loved ones will enjoy.

    Traditional Christmas Flowers and their Meaning

    Christmas is coming, so we all need to get into the spirit. After a pretty torrid and boring 2020, we need to pick ourselves up and celebrate in the best way we possibly can. If you love Christmas, then you’re going to be in the right frame of mind leading up to the big day, and you’ll be able to kick your feet up knowing everything is blissful.

    When it comes to the preparation side of things, you’re obviously going to cover a lot of different bases and make sure everyone is satisfied. You’ll get the gifts, the food, and the plans all ready for everyone. Something that a lot of people like to work on are the flowers and the floral designs around the house. Christmas brings out a lot of different things, but some of the plants associated are gorgeous and can really change the mood of a place for the better! Let’s quickly run through some traditional Christmas flowers, their meanings, and how best to handle them.

    What Are Some Of The Typical Christmas Flowers?

    Some of the most beautiful flower arrangements are formulated around Christmas time. Winter and Christmas allow us to bring out some marvelous collections. Some of the typical Christmas flowers are the Poinsettia (literally known as the Christmas plant), the Amaryllis, holly, Christmas cactus, and, of course, mistletoe!

    What Do These Flowers Represent?

    They’re not just around to look pretty and supplement the environment – they have meanings behind them, and they have real intrinsic value. Decorating them or giving them to a loved one allows you to explain yourself without speaking. Here are what these flowers represent.


    The Amaryllis tends to represent determination, beauty and love. The final meaning on the list is obviously perfect for this time of year. Amaryllis is a Greek female name that means ‘sparkle’, which is wonderfully apt for the Christmas time.

    Christmas Cactus:

    Also known as the Schlumbergera, the Christmas cactus doesn’t really have a traditional or official meaning attached to it. Many people like to use the longevity of the plant as a foundation for meaning. Perhaps the age it can live to could represent loyalty or resilience.


    Poinsettias have had a few meanings over the years. They were once considered to be a symbol of purity by past civilizations. They are now seen as a symbol of good cheer and success. They are said to bring wishes of celebration.


    This kind of goes without saying, but the mistletoe will obviously have somewhat of a romantic representation due to the acts taken place underneath. There is a deeper, more somber meaning behind it in many communities, but we’ll choose the more positive idea as Christmas is a time for happiness.


    Holly was once a symbol of fertility and eternal life – it was thought to contain magical powers. Christians have, in this day and age, adopted the holly tree as a symbol for Christmas. The sharp leaves symbolize the thorns worn by Christ, and the berries represent Christ’s blood.

    What Is The Meaning Of Gifting Such Flowers?

    Obviously, each flower holds a different value and identity, but in gifting these flowers, you’ll be showing the recipients how much they mean to you. It would also allow you to let them know what you think of them – their meanings would align with their personalities and characteristics. For instance, handing over Christmas flowers would say to someone that they wish them nothing but success and happiness – especially at this time of year.

    How Long Do Some Of These Flowers Live?

    If you’re going to be investing in these plants, then you’ll probably want to know how long they’ll be able to last for. It’s good to know beforehand as then you’ll, of course, have the best chance of increasing the lifespan.


    Amaryllis will live for around a month to six weeks long. That is if you keep the conditions perfect. The bulbs will be able to live for several years if you take care of them properly.

    Christmas Cactus:

    The Christmas cactus can live for a very long time if cared for properly. If everything goes well, it can live for around thirty years. If it has long nights starting from around October 1st, then it can bloom year after year. Cool nights can encourage it to bloom.


    When looking to create wonderful Christmas flower arrangements, you’re going to want to make sure you’re taking good care by keeping them away from direct heat. Also, be sure to keep them away from drafts. A nice, warm temperature should keep them healthy. If you do this, then you should be able to keep them for around six weeks.

    Are These Flowers Dangerous In Any Way?

    With regard to the Amaryllis, you’ll likely receive an upset stomach if the bulb is ingested. It has been listed as toxic to both cats and dogs. The Christmas cactus, however, is not poisonous in any way to humans, cats, or dogs. That doesn’t mean you should feed them the cacti, though, as it could leave them with cases of vomiting and diarrhea.

    The Christmas flower does not have any seriously dangerous effects when eaten. Exposure to any parts will have very little effect. It could cause mild irritation, nausea or vomiting, however.

    Interested in ordering some Christmas flowers to decorate your home this season? At Lamps Flower Shop serves the local Rock Island, IL community and offers beautiful fresh holiday flowers and arrangements!